I am a Writer

As well as more than 20 years' experience of working at the BBC, Geoff honed his writing skills while campaigning for improved support for his fellow thalidomiders.  He penned numerous letters and other promotional material that persuaded Diageo PLC and the health departments of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to increase the support available to those affected by thalidomide.

In addition to his disability work, Geoff is also an occasional contributor to the travel pages of the Independent.

He has gained a reputation as a first class wordsmith.  You can keep up-to-date by subscribing to his Blog

Geoff has now started work on his autobiography - watch this space!

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Geoff Adams-Spink Writer
Geoff Adams-Spink Broadcaster

I am a Broadcaster

Geoff is an experienced radio presenter and has made numerous appearances on television.  As an acknowledged expert on disability issues, he will continue to be a regular contributor to radio and tv programmes, both live and pre-recorded.

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I am a Speaker

Geoff enjoys the limelight and relishes the opportunity to keep an audience entertained.  He is an experienced conference chair and speaker.

If you are looking for someone polished and inspirational who is not afraid to speak his mind, please get in touch.

Public Speaking Public Speaking

Public Speaking Public Speaking

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Geoff Adams-Spink Speaker

I am a Trainer

Geoff has designed and delivered training courses for journalists and managers in the UK and beyond. 

He led a media training and capacity building programme in Rwanda for the state broadcasting organisation, organised the BBC World Service's journalism and production training, worked closely with Ashridge on the BBC Leadership Programme, and delivered training for the BBC in places as far afield as Thailand and China. 

He helped to design and deliver the BBC's Disability Confidence course which was rolled out to managers across the News division.

Geoff has recently been involved with training staff at the Thalidomide Trust about the provision of social care in the UK.

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Geoff Adams-Spink Trainer
Geoff Adams-Spink Consultant

I am a Consultant

Geoff draws upon his vast knowledge of disability - both personal and professional - to project a clear and consistent message.  He is an advisor to Suffolk New College's Centre for Equality and Diversity.

Geoff is also on the board of the European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre - EDRIC - a health information service for people affected by this rare condition.

Geoff has also recently started to undertake projects for the leading diversity consultancy, Equality Works.

Each year the European Commission hosts a conference for disabled people from all over the Union to mark the European Day of Disabled Persons.  Geoff was chosen as the rapporteur for the 2011 event.

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