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Since 2003, Geoff has worked as the Age & Disability Correspondent for BBC News, reporting for radio, television and the BBC News website.

Other journalistic posts include: Producer/Editor, From Our Own Correspondent, Senior Producer, Today programme and The World Tonight.

Geoff has also worked as an in-country Project Director in Rwanda, managed journalism training for the BBC World Service and project managed a teleworking pilot for BBC News.  He has also delivered training as far afield as China and Thailand and worked closely with Ashridge on the BBC Leadership Programme.

As well as numerous radio and television appearances, Geoff has chaired conferences for the Department of Health and spoken on public platforms for the Employers' Forum on Disability and Goldman Sachs among others.

Geoff took over the chairmanship of the BBC Disabled Staff Forum and made it a key player within the BBC and beyond.

Recent Work

Blogging about technology for moneymagpie.com
Public speaking for I'm a Person Too

Reporting for the Click on the BBC News channel
Contributions for In Touch, BBC Radio 4
Working with Equality Works as a consultant partner
Delivering training for the Thalidomide Trust
Active on the board of EDRIC
Rapporteur for the 2011 EDDP conference in Brussels


Geoff has spent almost 22 years working for the BBC in a variety of roles - both journalistic and managerial.  He has a vast network of contacts and has developed a deep understanding of disability equality and the role technology plays in helping to achieve this.

Programmes and Articles

Radio 4 Archive Hour on 40 Years of Thalidomide

Radio 4 Archive Hour documenting the experiences of people living with cerebral palsy

San Francisco - Golden Gate to Disability

Europe: Access All Areas?

EU Smart - Home Concept Shown Off

Touch Screen Mobile Technology Developed to Aid Blind People

Computers that talk for you using face tracking


RSA fellow

The Hospital Club

EFD associate

Broadcasting & Creative Industries Disability Network ( BCIDN) Associate

Member of Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners

Until recently, Geoff represented his fellow thalidomiders and was chair of the National Advisory Council of the Thalidomide Trust


A society in which the needs of older and disabled people are woven into the very fabric.  A world in which everyone - regardless of difference - is accorded dignity and respect.

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